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Sci-Fi Traffic Hazards Kickstarter gets on the road

Sci-Fi Traffic Hazards Kickstarter event has launched. Populate your terrain board with these new vehicles.

From the campaign:

The Streets of the future are jammed with traffic, so why are your tabletops empty? Add depth with Traffic Hazards to your street wars!

Sci-Fi War / Skirmish games have everything!

They have tanks, planes, troops, buildings.... except its almost all military. Why does it seem the only vehicles in existence are main battle tanks? Where are all the awesome civilian flying cars our cities are supposed to be teeming with? Seriously, Did a reverse Tweet-1-1 get people to successfully get off their lazy rears and completely evacuate the city before troops could deploy!? This Kickstarter aims to help fix this oversight and get you some awesome 28mm sci-fi vehicles! Populate cities on shadow operations. Add "speed bumps" to invading tanks. Or have idiot civilian drivers (they are everywhere) zooming silently and plowing into squadrons too focused on the enemy.