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Schleyscapes Fantasy Adventure RPG Series Up On Kickstarter

Having pre-made adventures can really speed up the time needed to get your game on the table. Having the adventure be system-agnostic means that no matter what game you're playing, you can drop the adventure in and get going. Well, that's what we've got with the Schleyscapes Fantasy Adventure up on Kickstarter now. The party hears of a terrible beast that's taken up residence near the Forlorn Cottage. Will they be able to get it to move along (or, y'know, just kill it)? That's up to the dice.

From the campaign:

Schleyscapes is a system-independent RPG supplement for game masters created by fantasy artist and author Mike Schley. This initial episode sets your players out on an expedition to The Forlorn Cottage encounter site where a foul beast has staked its claim. As a series opener, it also includes an introduction to the epic world of Fernweh, where the moon never sets and strange portents abound.

This new series of RPG supplements is intended to assist GM's by providing evocative visual flavor and compelling story seeds that are easily added to any homebrew or pre-published campaign setting. Use them as-is or modify them to your hearts content. In one complete package you get separate versions of each visual resource designed with a wide variety of gaming styles in mind and formatted for both physical or virtual table top applications.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're about 7/10 of the way to their goal with still 28 days left to go.