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Scenes of Chance breaking through stretch goals

Scenes of Chance keeps rising up in funding over on Kickstarter. Go check 'em out. They've still got just under 2 weeks left in their campaign.

Scenes of Chance campaign


From the campaign:

So first off a little restructure of the stretch goals. We removed the d20 at $10,000 because people didn't really want anymore dice in their collection so I changed it to more icons and variables which is probably a lot better of a reward anyway.

We're about to hit $6,000 which will unlock the second backer voted image. Most likely tomorrow we will send out an update with a link to a survey containing choices to vote on for new scenes and icons.The majority of the comments we received all seemed to want a town scene as a place to start an adventure. So the first backer voted scene I didn't really think needed to be voted on and picked it based off the comments.