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Scavengers RPG Launches on Kickstarter

Metal Weave Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Scavengers, their new RPG. Players play as a space salvage crew, looking for derelict ships and other random space junk that they can bring back to port and sell for some phat lootz. (No word on whether you'll find a frozen Sigourney Weaver, though) But be careful, there's plenty of danger in the space salvage industry (and not just from frozen cats).


From the campaign:

-Scavengers is a game of dangerous but rewarding space-looting.

-It constantly challenges the players to balance risk and reward by keeping the focus of the game on looting.

-Through randomly generating new shipwrecks, the GM can continually expose the salvaging crew to strange and dangerous locales.

-The game’s unique setting not only places the player characters as salvagers, but also allows them to belong to a nascent faction of greedy entrepreneurs.

-The game mechanics are simple and easy to learn, letting the players and Game Master fluidly tell the story of the characters’ salvaging missions.

-Character development goes beyond simple mechanics, allowing improvement through narrative, talents, and gear over the course of the game. Not only does improvement help the characters survive, but they can make more money as well. The things scavenger dreams are made of!

-The system supports a light, humorous tone. Characters and situations lean toward caricature and exaggeration. Travis Hanson’s excellent cartoon-inspired art style makes Scavengers fun to both read and play.