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Scarlet Brethren Limited re-offer from Mega Miniatures

MegaMiniatures is re-issuing the Scarlet Brethren over in their webstore for a limited time.

From the announcement:

These five re-releases will only be available till December 31st 2012 and then removed from the store. Originally produced by Demon Blade miniatures, we own the molds, IP, and production rights. These figures don’t have a place in our upcoming Salvage Crew Universe. We thought we’d make them available one last time.

Scarlet Brethren
DEAL-0783 Deliverance Fire Team A $4.00
DEAL-0788 Deliverance Fire Team B $4.00
DEAL-0784 The Pure A $4.00
DEAL-0785 The Pure B $4.00
DEAL-0786 The Pure C $4.00

Find them at