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Scarecrows vs. Werewolves gaming music released

Bailey Records have released a new track in their Kaiju Kaos soundtrack. From their announcement:
Scarecrows vs. Werewolves is the ninth release from Kaiju Kaos – The Soundtrack, Vol. 1 (Bailey Records, 2011) and is one of several remixes on the album. In December 2009, Stratos released the original version under the Horrific Universe brand as a song inspired by fantastic werewolf-related movies such as Underworld and hinted that the title came from a long-gestating idea for a miniatures game property; that property is now here in the form of Kaiju Kaos. Scarecrows vs. Werewolves features a dark and ambient intro and outro that is fairly suitable for looping during long scenes while breaking into full-on metal guitars, bass, and drums for the core of the song. Within the composition, the atmospheric parts indicate when and where the scarecrows are predominant in the mix while the crunchy guitars and rhythmic drums signal the werewolves in action. Of course, metal guitar music lovers and/or games masters can enjoy this song and use it for whatever imagery is created within their own minds’ eye.