Scarab announce Terror in the Alps Weird WWI game

Scarab Miniatures have announced a Weird World War 1 miniature range and game called Terror in the Alps.

French 75mm gun and crew
French 75mm gun and crew

From their website:

Just a quick note to say I have just commissioned the first of a 28mm Great War Projekt X range. More details and background will follow as the Projekt X book and rules develop but we are provisionally calling the first set “Terror in the Alps”. Theres a whole host of new Great War in Italy models on the way as well- Italian High Command, Italian Arditi and special weapons, French 75mm gun and crew (pic of greens will be uploaded today), next up Austrian guns and mortars.

Play tests of the initial game have gone quite well, I hope to have a proper draft of the rules ready in around a month so if any of you have Projekt X forces and want to try out some games and help develop some of the final background, please let me know as this month progresses. If all goes well, the first proper rules demo will be at Partizan in September, but don’t hold me to that, as I need to paint some Germans, at the moment the British are fighting Russian stand ins. (Although once the book is out, that will be quite acceptable of course.)