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Scale Creep acquires Simply 6

Scale Creep Miniatures has acquired the Simply 6 range of 6mm terrain. Simply 6 terrain From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce that we have arranged to acquire all of the 6mm terrain pieces from Simply 6. Steve assures me he will have all the masters and molds packed and shipped to me after he fills all outstanding retail orders. The current timeline - assuming Steve's health holds up - is for him to ship everything to us at the end of the month. Once we receive the molds and masters we will get them into production ASAP. We do expect to have a small amount of stock right away. Angel Barracks in the UK will continue to stock the range. Please be patient with AB as it may take a coupe weeks to get stock flowing and his shelves filled. We are very excited to acquire this excellent scenics range, which match very well to the excellent 6mm figures from Baccus.