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Save when Bundling Pirates and Musketeers at Two Hour Wargames

Two Hour Wargames is having a special sale price when you bundle their By Savvy Steel and And a Bottle of Rum game books.


From the announcement:

When you buy And a Bottle of Rum and By Savvy and Steel receive 20% off of the combined price.

And a Bottle of Rum is our Pirates game with rules for small adventures, large land battles, ship to ship fights and fleet actions. Includes a campaign system with two campaign areas, the Caribbean of the 1600's and Lemuria, the Lost Continent.

By Savvy and Steel allows players to take the role of a Gentleman, Highwayman, or Soldier and adventure through the time period of the Three Musketeers. Also includes a campaign system and over 100 pre-generated characters to add spice to your adventures.

Both are compatible with each other so you can shift your characters from setting to setting.

When ordering type in the coupon code


for the instant discount. Discount applies to PDFs as well as printed copies and remember, you always get the PDF with the printed copy.