Savage Tales GenCon 2011 photos

By tgn_admin
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Aug 9th, 2011

Pete Miller’s Savage Tales blog has four pages of photos from GenCon 2011 (page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4) including some photos of upcoming Dust Tactics vehicle releases.

  • That is the only place I’ve seen pictures of the Dust tactics super heavies

  • Nachtpfiffel

    Really? Tgn posted some links to an italian site, where you could have seen them. Br├╝ckenkopfonline, posted some pictures too. Nevertheless, wherever you see them they are stunning.

    • I must have missed that. Man this whole dust tactics thing is “AT-43: what could have been..”

  • Nachtpfiffel

    Yes, so I allready ordered this weekend an old starter box at a local store and a deluxe jagdluther with panzerprinz from just to see the quality in person. Then I have a standard I have to achieve with my ofn painting.
    I really like these tank robots- I don’t like this cheap sexstyle from the comics or the zombies, but I guess you can still have fun with the game without it.

  • Doc_Savage

    The Dust models really are fantastic. I am relieved and impressed that FFG is sticking with the line. I played a demo of Dust Warfare and was pleased with the rules. I have a strange relationship with coherence rules (don’t like them) and I was pleased with that rule in particular in Dust Warfare – if your trooper is not within 8 inches of the leader they take a penalty, but they can still do it.

    The rest of the rules seemed simple yet flexible as well. I’ll probably get the Dust Warfare book when it comes out.