Sarissa Precision – System Infinity Terrain Launched

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Jan 8th, 2012

Sarissa Precision has launched their Brand New 28mm Sci Fi Range called System Infinity:

From their announcement:

System Infinity is an laser cut modular terrain range for 28mm SciFi Games.

The first wave contains:

– Habitation Pod – Explorer: £12
– Habitation Pod – Settler: £16
– Habitation Pod – Family: £20
– Commercial Pod – Plaza: £22.50
– Industrial Pod – Warehouse: £22.50
– Roof Access ladder kit (contains 2 ladders): £5
– Pod Trade Sign Set: £2.50
– Pod Tech Panel Set: £5
– Pod Internal Wall Set: £5
– Silo: £7.50 (or 4 Silos with both ladder and support kits for £30)
– Silo Support set, 2 Supports: £5
– Silo Vertical Ladder Kit: £5
– Silo Horizontal Ladder Kit, 2 Ladders: £5
– Shipping Container: £7.50 (or 4 Containers for £25)
– Satellite Array: £7.50
– Street Lighting x6: £5
– Street Canopy with Lighting: £5
– Solar Panel Set: £5
– Air Con Unit / Access Door: £5

All kits supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Review can be found at:

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  • Dewbakuk

    Now I freely admit to being a fan of Sarissa Precision, their Wild West buildings are superb (or they are now after they agreed to make the doors etc bigger). I have most of the range and I’ve been very happy with them, particularly the newer bits like the Jailhouse. I’m not a fan of their WWII buildings though, they have a couple of issues.

    This stuff though… I’m in love! Unfortunately, this means I need to send them rather a lot of cash at a time when I’m short 🙁
    Time to sell stuff on ebay 🙂

  • TomasT

    Looks sweet. The world needs more and easier scifi terrain.

    Perhaps finally that AVP-mini-game will be reality.

  • These will go great for my games of AE: Bounty. I definitely don’t have enough sci-fi buildings and this will fill that gap. Great for Inifnity as well, but I don’t play that even after having several minis.

  • Tor Gaming

    Any pics of the finished article anywhere?? looks good, but would like to see the actual model.

  • Dewbakuk

    One of the things I keep hearing/reading about Infinfity (I too have some figures but have never played), is that it needs lots of scenery that can be interacted with. As in buldings that you can climb all over and move around inside. These look like they’ve been designed to accomodate that for a very good price, and I suspect the name choice wasn’t much of a coincidence.

  • Dewbakuk

    The reviews linked to in the article have shots of the actual product.

  • crushar

    Sooooooo cool!!!

  • CplHicks

    Now that looks promising indeed and for a nice price too. Together with Microarts offerings you can a mighty nice table for Infinity and beyond.

  • Gailbraithe

    Oooooh. Now that is a nice price for this kind of a piece, much better than the last laser-cut mdf pieces I saw here on TGN. I will definitely be picking some of these up. The pods look like they’ll be great for creating scientific outposts, research stations, etc.

  • entil_zar

    There’s a lot of very interesting and reasonable priced items on their page…and this stuff looks very MassEffect-ish, definately thumbs up!

  • SirAngry


    It’s Frontline Gamer here. Can I please ask that you remove the link to the Blood of Kittens link, as they reproduced my entire article without asking for my permission, which is just bad etiquette. Thanks.