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Santa Vs Jesus Card Game Now Available

We've got several Kickstarter-successful-and-now-available games here at the end of the day. Synthicide was one. Now, we've got Santa vs Jesus. The holiday season is coming up, and that means the inevitable argument about putting religion "back into" the season. We've already had one Starbucks coffee cup fiasco. Why not turn that hostility into a fun game that can relieve some stress? That's where Santa vs Jesus comes in.

In the game, players break into two teams: Team Santa and Team Jesus. The teams will then compete in different mini games, puzzles, and such in order to gain followers. These could be word searches, or a matching game, or other such like that. The team with the most followers at the end is the winner and rules all of Christmas... until the next time you play, anyway.

As I mentioned, you can pick up your copy now, just in time for all those family get-togethers that are bound to happen in the next month or so.