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Santa Chaos Magnetic Fantasy Football Team Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes it can be really difficult when putting a model together because of all the options you've got. Which head looks better? What accessories are the best? Do you have a preference between a couple different backpacks? All of this can lead to potentially not assembling the thing because you've got paralysis of design. Well, with the Santa Chaos fantasy sports team up on Kickstarter, the figures are magnetized for you so you can swap out different options as you see fit.

From the campaign:

What's better than the opportunity to custom your chaos team showing off all the gift you earned?
What's better than do it with magnetized parts?
If you agree with me that's the best so this campaign is for you!
The Campaign

This campaign concerning a 16 players team for fantasy football composed by

4 Santa Chaos warriors made in resin with 4 magnets each and provided with 32 mm bases.
1 Reindeer Minotaur made in resin with 4 magnets and provided a 40 mm base.
11 Satyirs made in resin and provided with 32 mm bases.

The campaign's about 2/3 of the way to their goal with still 22 days on the clock.