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Sangin Dispatch #1 now available

Skirmish Sangin has released their first Sangin Dispatch, a supplement to the game adding more options.


From the release:

Radio Dishdash Publishing has the pleasure to announce their next book Sangin Despatches No.1

In this the first supplement to Skirmish Sangin, players get additional ORBATS including Canadians and Germans, seven new scenarios, plus campaign and character experience rules, advice on how to play Skirmish Sangin and tactics articles written by ex-military personnel.

All in a 64 page A4 Full colour book available in print and as a PDF download and don’t forget if you buy the printed book we give you the PDF for free to read while you await the printed version to arrive in the post.

Sangin Despatches No. 1 contains everything you need to make your next patrol into the Helmand Green Zone even more thrilling.