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Sangin Despatches No. 2 Now Available

Radio Dishdash has the second issue of their Sangin Despatches available over in their webshop for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Sangin Depatches No. 2 will be available this coming weekend at Fall-In 2014 November 6-9th in Lancaster, PA. You may also order your copy via our website.

This new supplement for the modern warfare game system Skirmish Sangin includes 6 new scenarios, additional rules for JTAC's, Helicopters, Drones and Combat Engineers. Along with a 16 page Taliban ORBAT that includes everything you need to know about building a Taliban Insurgent force, including Chechen allies.

So if you're at Fall-In swing by The Phalanx Consortium booth and pick up your copy today, and if you can't be there just stop by the website to place your order. Thank you!

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