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Sandy Pug Games releases two new games

Sandy Pug Games has released the alpha versions of two new games, Desperado and ICE, over on their website for you to check out for free.


From the announcement:

Sandy Pug Games is proud to announce we’ve released two more games to our downloads section as part of our experiment in a new way of getting games from our massive board game designing megabrain to your greedy little hands.

You can read this for more info on why we’re going this way, but in short, from here on out we’re going to release every game we make directly to the website, as soon as possible. We’ll be updating and improving these games regularly until we’re happy that they’re done, similar to how indie video game devs release their games to the public. Right now ICE and Desperado are both pretty fun games, in varying states of completeness. This will change as I develop and work on them, eventually resulting in two fantastic full finished games.

Keep an eye out for updates in the future, both on these games and more. Its an exciting time for SPG right now, and I look forward to hearing feedback from all of you guys, our fans.