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Sandstorm Virtual Tabletop Relaunches on Kickstarter

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Generally considered good words to live by for most things (example, if you fail to eat 20lbs of pudding, I don't know if I'd really recommend trying it again), Idle Ideas Inc. has restarted their Kickstarter campaign for Sandstorm, their new virtual tabletop software. This new campaign has a few changes compared to the previous.

Mostly, instead of funding everything at once, they are splitting the project into three parts that they hope to fund individually. The first part will set up the Sandstorm module for user registration and hosting. The second campaign, which will be mid-2016, will create identical modules for another Virtual Tabletop application, Sift. Finally, Sift will be brought further to the masses.

It seems this first one is going over better than the original campaign, as they're already right at their funding goal with still 30 days left to go in the campaign.