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Samurai Sheepdog running Fall of Man, a post-apocalyptic Pathfinder setting, Kickstarter campaign

Samurai Sheepdog has a Kickstarter running for Fall of Man, a post-apocalyptic campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG system.


From the campaign:

This Kickstarter grants access to a ready to play game system and setting. You'll need dice and that's about it to begin your journeys through a ruined Earth. A quick list of what you can obtain through this kickstarter includes:

The Fall of Man Corebook with all the knowledge you need to play right at the beginning for Pathfinder with PDF conversions for 13th Age, Fate and Castles & Crusades (SIEGE).

A Kickstarter Exclusive 32+ page bonus book full of additional "crunch" content for your players.