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Salute 2017 Painting Contest Announced

Arguably the biggest painting contest of the year is the Crystal Brush awards that have their finals every March during Adepticon. If you'd like to get free travel to the show, you can do so by winning one of the qualifying events that are held throughout the year. Salute is having a Crystal Brush Qualifier event, and they've posted up the details.

From the announcement:

Well it is the new year and that means not long until Salute 2017!

We have made a few changes to the prizes at Salute, there will be a trophy for First place, a Second place and reintroducing a Third place in each numbered category (1 - 12) below:

Also we are pleased to announce that the generous CMON team have agreed to give the winner of the Salute 2017 Best of Show an incredible prize, as well as the Salute Chalice pictured above, the winner will be awarded reimbursement by
CMON Inc. for round-trip coach airfare from the winners location to Chicago, Illinois, for the dates of the following AdeptiCon convention and the Crystal Brush Awards.

Any questions please do get in touch! Paint brushes at the ready!