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Salute 2011 Painting Competition

CoolMiniOrNot will be providing prize support for the Salute 2011 Painting Competition. From their announcement:
CoolMiniOrNot has offered to sponsor the return air fare to the overall winner of the Salute 2011 painting competition to the Crystal Brush 2012 Details as follows - We’re ready to sponsor return air fare to the worthy winner of Salute 2011 painting competition to Crystal Brush 2012. They don’t have to compete at the CB 2012 (it’d be a bit odd not to after travelling all that way), but the prize is not transferable. Closer to the date of CB2012, the prize winner finds out the price of the ticket and we reimburse them* - Chern An Ng, Director of *This is due to airline restrictions mandating the person who paid for the ticket having to be present at the point of departure