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Sally 4th Warchest Inserts for Aircraft & Spacecraft available now

Sally 4th helps you carry around your air and space craft with their new warchest insert trays.


From the release:

We have two new releases for our modular figure storage and transportation system this week.

Warchest Spacecraft Insert £6.00
This has been designed to hold eight Star Trek Attack Wing craft on their bases.

Warchest Aircraft Insert £6.00
This has been designed to hold eight Wings of Glory aircraft on their bases.

Both inserts are double thickness, with a handy indentation under the slot to aid removing the bases from the tray. They hold the plastic bases very securely, the box can be placed 90 degrees on its side without the models moving.

The insert is designed to be used in the Sally 4th Warchest range, I prefer to have my models on the double height flying stands, so the 100mm high Warchest is ideal. If you use a single height stand they will fit into a 70mm high Warchest. Either lid option will work, (standard or clear), I prefer the clear lid so that I can store the box on its side, on a shelf in my games room and see the models inside.

All Sally 4th Inserts can also be used within file boxes.