Sally 4th wants you to have a good time stormin’ the castle

Sally 4th has released several new castle terrain pieces over in their webshop for you to enjoy and storm and defend and all that good kind of stuff.


From the announcement:

This week sees the release of an additional 17 items to the Sally 4th 28mm Castle System. We are committed to offering our customers the greatest choice possible to enable them to construct miniature castles just the way they want them. All of the new releases are available either unpainted or pre-painted in our 5 castle finishes (Granite / Slate / Limestone / Sandstone / Whitewash).

All towers have removable tops for easy in-game occupation.
– Four story corner tower (with overhanging garderobe) £33 GBP
– Four story in-line tower £39 GBP (with overhanging garderobe and balcony) £39 GBP
– Three story stand alone tower (with overhanging garderobe) £33 GBP

Four story towers have been designed to work with 20′ scale wall sections with hoardings.
Stand alone tower can be used with 10′ scale wooden or stone stairs.
The 3 new wall sections that are used to make the three story stand alone tower are available to order separately in the three story mix and match section.

There are ten, four story wall sections available in the four story mix and match section. Prices start at £6 GBP per wall section and include wall sections with balcony and garderobe kits.
The mix and match tower system allows complete customization of castle towers by choosing four tower walls and a tower top from the 34 currently available wall sections. Over the next 2 months we will be releasing 8 new tower tops with alternative crenelations. The tower tops will be sold separately and are compatible with all Sally 4th towers. The first off these are Italian crenelation which will be released next week.

Lastly we have a complete castle deal. The Border stronghold represents a small tower keep with a simple 10′ curtain wall. The set includes 1 x 3 story stand alone tower, 2 x 10′ wooden stairs, 3 x 10′ wall, 1 x 10′ gateway section, 4 x 10′ corner wall & 1 x courtyard pack. Cost £120 GBP (pre-painted) which is a 10% saving over buying pieces separately.