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Sally 4th Terra-Block Warehouse available now

Sally 4th expands their Terra-Block range with their new Warehouse set.
Think the Ark of the Covenant's in there somewhere?


From the release:

This week’s Terra Block release from Sally 4th is themed around representing warehouses and other storage facilities on the gaming table. Using the generic Terra-Block pieces that have already been released, together with this week’s warehouse themed release enables gamers to create facilities off all shapes and sizes.

The release includes a loading bay which includes a raised platform either side of the wall with wooden decking and working sliding doors, platform and ramp sections with wooden decking, three sizes of wooden floor tiles and some handy wooden packing crates.

All kits use Medite for 3mm sections and MDF for 2mm sections and are easily assembled using PVA wood glue.

TB025 Loading Bay £9.50
TB026 Wooden Ramp x 2 £4.00
TB027 Wooden Platform x 2 £4.00
TB028 Wooden Tile x 8 (5cm x 5cm) £4.50
TB029 Wooden Tile x 3 (10cm x 10cm) £4.50
TB030 Wooden Tile x 5 (5cm x 10cm) £4.50
TB031 Wooden Packing Crate x 4 £3.00