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Sally 4th release Pre-painted Flagstone Bases

Sally 4th gives your minis a new firm foundation with the release of their new pre-painted flagstone bases.


From the announcement:

This week sees the launch of a new addition to the range of Sally 4th basing options, a set of textured bases with etched flagstone detail.

Textured bases are available as a set for £2.50 unpainted or £3.00 painted. The pre-painted bases are available in a range of stone finishes to match our castles (Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone & White).

If like me you finish painting your miniatures and just want to get them on the table to start gaming, these bases will be a great bonus as it literally takes seconds to glue the figure to a pre-painted flagstone base and get it on the table. You can of course add some clumps of grass or static grass if you are representing a flagstone area that nature is reclaiming.

We have made our bases in a selection of useful sizes to suit popular basing either single figures or multiples on a larger base, but as always if their is a size you want that is not listed, let us know and we will get it added to range.

Bases available are:
20mm round x 16
25mm round x 16
30mm round x 9
40mm round x 4
20mm square x 16
25mm square x 12
40mm square x 4
50mm square x 4