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Sally 4th Press Release: Crystal clear gaming bases

Sally 4th gives you a different way to base your minis with their new crystal clear gaming bases.


From them to you:

I've been gaming for 35 years now and have based literaly thousands of miniatures the traditional way, making little dioramas with sand, gravel, static grass, tufts of foliage etc.
These all look absolutely fantastic... but recently we have been producing Terra-Blocks for urban based combat in dungeons, warehouses, starships, offices etc. and I was putting together a shot for a magazine article and it suddenly struck me that the only thing ruining the shot was the beautiful diorama base that did not fit in with the terrain around it. The base looked great on grassy, rocky open spaces, but put it on stone flooring, wood flooring, sandy beach, snowscape or rocky crag and it looked completely out of place, so I came up with the idea of clear perspex bases that let whatever terrain you have placed your figure on show through. I hope you will enjoy using them as much as I do!

We have 17 varieties of clear bases covering all popular sizes and styles including round, square, rectangular and hexagonal.
We have come up with a couple of special bases: a 25mm clear round base with a cross etched on to show facings (front, flank, rear) and a 25mm round and hexagonal base that has numbers 1-6 etched around side for miniatures such as zombies that move in a random direction.