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Sally 4th new Warchest trays designed for Star Wars X-Wing minis

Sally 4th helps you transport your X-Wings better than a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser with their new Warchest trays.


From the release:

These new cases are ideal for gamers who want these great looking models on display in their hobby room rather than shut away in a flight case or a box. The cases also feature a high degree of security for transportation by car to an alternative gaming venue as there is both a tight precision cut slot to hold model in place as well as the magnetic tape and steel insert.
There are two variants of the Warchest available, one that has eight slots for holding models on standard bases, and one that has four slots for standard bases and one for holding models such as Millennium Falcon and Lambda-Class Shuttle on large bases. Both are priced at £24

Pre painted attractive display case
Easy assembly using PVA woodglue
Crystal clear Perspex front panel and lid for optimum display of your models
Secure & Stable storage and transportation utilizing custom cut precision slots, steel vinyl insert and magnetic tape (supplied)