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Sally 4th New Release: City Wall Towers

Sally 4th has some new style city wall towers available to order over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

This week’s instalment in Sally 4ths Outremer range of terrain, designed to be compatible with Saga Crescent and the Cross, Deus Vult and other 28mm crusader themed games is three city wall tower variants.

Towers stand 235mm high and have a 100mm x 100mm footprint. These models are designed to accompany our 30' wall sections to form a city wall to represent Jerusalem or any other walled city in the Holy Land.

The three tower variants are:
OR4: In-line Tower (£27.50 unpainted / £30.25 pre-painted)
OR5: External Corner Tower (£27.50 unpainted / £30.25 pre-painted)
OR6: Internal Corner Tower with Balcony (£31.50 unpainted / £34.10 pre-painted)

All MDF kits require simple assembly using PVA wood glue.