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Sally 4th helps you cross your lances

Sally 4th has new game aids for the Crossed Lances miniatures jousting game available now over in their webshop.


From the release:

This week Sally 4th release 4 sets of precision laser cut gaming accessories as part of the Crossed Lances Jousting and Tournament range. These pieces are not necessary to play the game, as all components are included in the Crossed Lances rule book but they greatly enhance the gaming experience.

SF08 : Shield Tokens – 30 laser cut and engraved shield tokens
SF09: Movement Hexes – 18 laser cut and engraved movement hex tokens
SF10: Lord Tokens – 15 Laser cut and engraved lord tokens
SF11: Battle boards – 2 Laser cut and engraved Battle Boards

All of these components are used in the Mounted Melee game and the shield and lord tokens together with the battle boards are used in the jousting game. For forward compatibility the movement hexes also include 3 extra tokens which will be used in the Foot Melee game which is covered in the second Crossed Lances supplement.
These new products are available from Sally 4th, Crossed Lances and Curteys miniatures together with all rules, miniatures and terrain items. Sally 4th products are also available in the USA from Scale Creep.

This week Sally 4th have also started a Crossed Lances Hobby area on their web site which contains step by step guides for painting wooden scenery and a painting guide for the excellent Edward I miniature from Curteys. We intend to add additional hobby guides on a weekly basis.