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Sally 4th Giving Away Combat Patrol Vehicle Stat Cards

Sally 4th wants to hear about your experiences with Combat Patrol, and they're willing to reward you for it by giving you some Vehicle Stat Cards for free. It's pretty simple to get your free stuff. Just play a game, then report it online somewhere (be it your own blog, or their forums, or such), and let them know about your post. Boom! Free stuff! Simple as that.

From the announcement:

Combat Patrol & Sally 4th are giving away vehicle stat cards to gamers who write a report of there combat patrol game.

Post an after action battle report on the Internet (This could be on your hobby blog / TMP/ Lead Adventurers Forum etc), email us a link to the report and a one line description together with your name and address and we will send you three free Vehicle Stat Cards to use in your Combat Patrol games. Current promo cards are of US Vehicles, we will swap the nationality arround once a quarter.
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