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Sally 4th Commands you to store your Commands and Colors in these trays

Sally 4th has some new trays available to help store your Commands and Colors boxes and keep them safe for transport.


From the release:

This is a storage system that can be used for storing playing pieces from Commands and Colors Ancients & Napoleonics.

System is designed to fit within original box and hold pieces firmly in position so that box can be stored on shelf on its side without pieces moving. This is a modular, expandable system. Drawers can either be used in original boxes or can be stacked out side of boxes. All off the pieces are available separately to enable customization to suit individual collections.

Storage Drawer Sleeve £7.00
Drawer Sleeve holds four drawers and fits in box. Recessed lid is designed to take folded mapboard.

Drawer for 16mm Ancients Counters £3.70
Holds 120 16mm Infantry counters

Drawer for 21mm Ancients Counters £3.70
Holds 64 21mm Cavalry counters. Can also be used for 21mm x 26mm and 26mm square counters on their sides.

Drawer for 18mm Napoleonics Counters £3.70
Holds 96 18mm Infantry counters

Drawer for 22mm Napoleonics Counters £3.70
Holds 64 22mm Cavalry counters. Can also be used to store Artillery and Leaders on their sides

Storage for Cards & Hex Terrain £3.40
Designed to hold a set of Commands and Colors Cards and hexagon terrain. This fits in original game box with a Sally 4th Drawer Sleeve.

This is a new venture for Sally 4th prompted by a request to make a custom product from one of our customers. All of these pieces are supplied as kits, laser cut from 2mm MDF and Perspex and are simply and quickly assembled using PVA woodglue.