Sally 4th Castles are now available with Italian style crenelations

Sally 4th lets you take your games to historic Italy with their new Italian-style crenelated castle towers.


From the release:

Modularity and customisation has always been core to the design of the Sally 4th Castle range. We now offer gamers the option to purchase either a complete castle with keep or hall, curtain walls and towers, courtyard and external stairs or to choose individual walls, towers and accessories to build up a castle over time just the way that they want it. Our mix and match tower system allows selection of individual tower walls with a choice of features such as doors, windows, arrow or crossbow slits, balconies and garderobes.

Castle kits are available unpainted or in a choice of five pre-painted finishes (Granite / Limestone / Sandstone / Slate / Whitewash) with either a random stone or dressed stone finish. This flexibility has now been extended by offering a choice of crenulation styles.

Castle walls are available in two heights (10 foot and 20 foot scale heights) with various features such as gateways, sally ports and wooden walkways. All of these pieces are now available with either standard medieval crenulations or the new Italian styled crenulations.

Castle towers are designed with removable tops enabling the same tower to be used with different sets of crenulations, reducing cost and storage if multiple styles of castle are required. Complete towers can be purchase with Italian crenulations, or a new top section is available for £5.50 unpainted / £6.50 pre-painted. Two, three and four story corner towers and in-line towers are available.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be launching an additional seven crenulation styles to cover a wide range of historical and fantasy styles of fortification.