Sally 4th 28mm Middle Eastern buildings available now

Sally 4th has released their new 28mm Middle Eastern buildings over in their webshop.

Small Middle Eastern Houses


From the release:

The first buildings in the Sally 4th Outremer range are now available for purchase. This range has been designed for 28mm scale gaming using Saga Crescent and the Cross, Deus Vult or other medieval wargames rules, although these middle eastern houses would look equally at home on any wargames battlefield from Biblical times to the present day.

Today’s release is 4 variations of a simple, stone built, square, middle eastern house with a flat roof and and external staircase. Each building can be assembled with the staircase either to the side or to the rear, giving 8 possible variations of the basic house.

The building measures 135mm x 100mm x 65mm high and is constructed from 2mm and 3mm MDF to give a sturdy and realistic 5mm wall thickness. The roof is removable to place figures inside and the staircase has been designed so that figure bases are held in place when ‘climbing’ stairs.

Cost £18.50 unpainted / £20.35 pre-painted

Over the next 3 months Sally 4th has a comprehensive release schedule including just about every type of building you could desire for Crusader gaming with Saga Crescent and the Cross including medium house, large house, L shape house, mosque, palace, raised courtyard, moorish gate, city walls, ruined walls, towers, tented encampment, market place and siege equipment. If we’ve left anything out, drop as an email and we’ll see what we can do!