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Sally 4th 10mm Warmaster scale Medieval Keep released

Sally 4th has released their new 10mm Medieval Keep.
Order now and you can get one to keep.
... that sounded a lot funnier in my head.


From the release:

This week sees the release of our Medieval Keep in 10mm (Warmaster) scale.
We have kept it as similar to its big cousin in our 28mm range as possible.

The keep kit depicts a three story, late medieval, Norman style Keep, rectangular in aspect with reinforced turrets at each corner. The accommodation benefits from a garderobe tower on the back wall, a first story entrance way, and a great hall on the 2nd floor accessible via a removable roof section. It has been designed so that the keep can be occupied by a 3 stand unit mounted on 20mm x 40mm bases together with a command element.

The Keep measures 156mm x 103mm x 116mm high and is supplied either unpainted, or in one of our 3 pre-painted castle finishes (Granite / Limestone / Sandstone).

Cost £25 unpainted. £30 pre-painted