Sally 4th 10mm Pre-painted Sci-Fi Style Buildings and Roads now available

Sally 4th gives you sci-fi gamers some new terrain options with the release of their new pre-painted, 10mm buildings and roadways.


From the release:

This week Sally 4th launches their range of 10mm scale city buildings designed to be compatible with Dropzone Commander, Mechwarrior and other 10mm Sci-Fi wargames systems.

The initial range consists of seven buildings which are available in six different colors (Granite / Slate / Sandstone / Limestone / Olive Green / White) for 42 different variations of building. The building style is Art Deco, based on real world prototypes and the heights of the buildings range from two to eight stories.

The road system also comes pre-painted with dark grey road and light grey pavement. Road sections are 150mm square and firmly hold together using Sally 4th’s Jigsaw road alignment design using jigsaw tabs hidden underneath the pavement sections. This prevents terrain being knocked out of alignment during play. All of the roads are dual carriageways with 110mm width of road with 20mm of pavement on either side. Road’s come in packs of either 4 straights, T Junctions or Cross roads.

If their is sufficient demand we will produce a wider range of styles and sizes of buildings and design ruined variants of all of the buildings. It is also possible, if we receive enough requests that this range could be made available for 15mm gaming as well.

All models are pre-painted 2mm MDF kits requiring simple assembly using PVA wood glue.

Building prices start at £17.
Road packs are £13.75 for 4 straights / £14.50 for 4 cross roads or junctions.