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Sainome Colosseum R Coming to Kickstarter this March

While English is certainly the language I know the most about, there's plenty of others out there. I know a lot of you are like me. Well, that means we can potentially be missing out on a lot of really awesome gaming experiences! Thankfully, there's companies out there looking out for us monolinguists. One such is LionWing Publishing. They'll be bringing out an English version of MR Entertainment's Sainome Colosseum R. Be on the lookout for it to hit Kickstarter this March.

From the press release:

LionWing Publishing is pleased to announce that they will be publishing the English version of MR Entertainment’s popular anime-themed combat game Sainome Colosseum R and will be running a Kickstarter campaign for it in late March of 2018.

Sainome Colosseum R was originally designed and released in Japan and is a combat game for 2-4 players that allows players to take on chosen character roles, each with an assortment of individual skills and abilities. Using action selection, hand management, card drafting, and dice rolling, Sainome Colosseum gives player’s important decision points while blending strategy, luck, and balanced replayability. As you explore the game, you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of each character as well as interesting combinations that can put your opponents down for the count.

For fans of quick-paced, player-to-player combat, Sainome Colosseum R checks off all the boxes while adding new and innovative mechanics to the genre. This streamlined design creates a memorable player-to-player combat experience, gives numerous important decision points, and creates a narrative arc that leads to countless plays.

Learn more about Sainome Colosseum R and its upcoming Kickstarter here!

About LionWing Publishing

LionWing Publishing is an American publishing company whose focus is on translating and publishing the best tabletop games that Japan has to offer. Sainome Colosseum R is the company’s first project and perfectly encapsulates the types of games LionWing will be publishing in the future: games that are dynamic, engaging, and aesthetically striking. For more information about LionWing Publishing, see Follow LionWing Publishing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@LWingPublishing).