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Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge Pre-Release Tournament Coming Next Month

It's cold up in Canada. Very cold. I mean, I used to live in Chicago, and Canada's colder than that. But for those who love Sailor Moon enough, there just might be a reason to visit that frozen land. Dyskami Publishing is coming out with their Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game, and they're holding a pre-release tourney in Guelph in a couple weeks. It'll be your first chance to try out the game. They'll even have prizes if you go in costume.

From the announcement:

Hey! Guess what? We love Sailor Moon Crystal so much that we're creating a tabletop game line officially licensed by Toei Animation!

Our first game release, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, is a dynamic, energetic and portable battle game that will be available for pre-order in early 2018. The game is fully developed and approved by Toei and we are now working with a factory to print the game. We had a couple prototype copies made already, though ... so what are hardcore Sailor Moon Crystal fans to do with prototypes of an awesome game? Organize a tournament so others can enjoy the game before it's available for sale, of course!