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SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes update

Gripping Beast have posted an update on the status of their SAGA Viking Age Skirmishes rules. From their announcement:
It's a long running saga..  Final preparations are underway for the release of SAGA later this summer. Not only do we have the rather lovely rule-book (that comes with four sturdy Battle Boards, one each for Vikings, Anglo-Danish, Welsh & Normans,) but we will also be releasing the relevant ranges in SAGA friendly formats. And then there are of course the special faction specific dice.... In SAGA, you muster your faithful retainers in easy steps, making several choices from four highly skilled hearthguard, eight stalwart warriors or twelve less-than-ferocious levy with each choice costing 1 point. Starter warbands are 4 points and the average is 6. As you can see, the composition is pretty much up to you as Warlord and to make things even easier we will be sorting suitable models from our ranges into 1 point packs (eg 4 Hirdmen, 8 Bondi or 12 bowmen for the Vikings.) To get yourself up and running as soon as possible, we will also be putting together Starter Box Sets that contain a balanced 4 point warlord & warband plus all the appropriate weapons and shields AND a  Renedra plastic base for each of the figures.
We will also be releasing a SAGA Paint set that we have developed in conjunction with our chums at Army Painter. This set contains 10 specific paints which, when used in conjunction with Army Builder's Warpaints Starter Set, will give you all you need to paint your Dark Age figures with historically authentic pigments. Pictured above, Lord S's 4 point Anglo-Danish Warband resplendent in their LBMS transfers and painted using the SAGA paint set. To round it off we will be offering loads of discounted bundle deals but more of this in a special SAGA-tastic Newsletter coming shortly... but if you can't wait then keep an eye on Wargames Illustrated, WSS and Battlegames as they will all be running articles on SAGA in the coming issues. Also take a look at the Tomahawk Studios web-site, home of Alex Buchel who designed SAGA (don't worry, there is an English language option.) and go to his blog. We will also be contributing to the site soon.