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Sabre Jet Flyer for Laserburn at continues bringing back the long out of print Laserburn line with the release of the Sabre Jet Flyer.

Saber Jet Flyer


From the release:

We are continuing our re-release of classic Laserburn 15mm science fiction vehicle codes this week with the iconic Sabre Jet Flyer. Dating from the early 1980's this vehicle is unique in the range in that it is the only civilian type flyer and it has more parts than others its size. We elected to keep the Sabre in white metal instead of resin and spent a lot of time cleaning up the original masters and putting them in new black rubber. The Sabre now looks as good again as it did the first day it appeared in wargaming stores across Great Britain. Our team are very pleased with the result.

V105 Sabre Class Jet Flyer - 1 Metal Vehicle Kit 5.00GBP
A small civilian or local authority science fiction jet flyer perfect for most 15mm campaign settings. This code contains one white metal re-mastered set of parts to assemble the Sabre flyer. Dimensions of the vehicle are approx 40mm long and 30mm wide. The jet pods may be assembled for a landing or idle or a flying position. No flight stand is supplied but the vehicle could easily be mounted upon one. A classic Laserburn model now re-mastered and produced in white metal.

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