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Sabol Designs New cases and Sabol Studios now accepting new projects

Sabol Designs will have their MkIII ARMYTRANSPORT cases in soon. Along with that, Sabol Studios is now accepting commissions on painting minis and terrain.

Sabol Studios


From the announcement:

There are just a few over the over 100 new pictures added to the Sabol Studios galleries! Please feel free to check out some of the many completed commission projects I have recently finished. I am now taking on new projects! If you have a specific idea in miniatures do not hesitate to ask. Please provide me with as much info as you can so that I can get you a fair quote.

The new MARK III case is scheduled for delivery this week! Now taking Mark III orders! Followed by Motor Pool the week of the 29th and Platoon cases 10/3. The Armored Company will be available for the winter holidays. The Division case may be as late as Spring 2015. The standard ARMYTRANSPORT and all foam trays are available now. All info will be posted as soon as we get it finalized.