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Saber's Edge has free 30 Years War scenario

Saber's Edge has a free-to-download 30 Years War scenario over on their website. What reason is there to not at least go take a look?

From the update:

The Battle of Dessau Bridge is a Thirty Year War scenario for Father Tilly. It contains a map, orders of battle, deployment details and background for an interesting and challenging encounter between old enemies - generals Mansfeld and Wallenstein.

This scenario supplement for Stephen Danes/AB One Games' Father Tilly ruleset is provided as a free download from Saber's Edge Hobbies and Games.

In 1626 general Mansfeld was threatening to invade Brandenburg and in February, with 12,000 men, he began his march along the right bank of the Elbe. This move threatened the imperial outpost at Dessau which protected the only bridge between Magdeburg and Dresden. If Mansfeld could take this position, all imperial supplies from Bohemia to the imperial army would be threatened.

A number of earlier attacks had failed to dislodge the defenders from their positions on the right bank of the Elbe and so general Mansfeld set to reducing the enemy through siege. The imperial outpost managed to hang on until April when Wallenstein arrived with reinforcements. Clearly able to see the enemy build-up around Dessau, Mansfeld was desperate to get a result. Having spent weeks in futile attempts trying to dislodge the bridgehead, he decided on one last desperate attack before enemy reinforcements became too strong.