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S--- For Brains Trivia Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, all of us have information in our heads that we feel is pretty useless. Sure, you might remember all the states and capitals in the United States and that's good and all, but what about all that gross, taboo, or other NSFW facts you've got floating around? S--- For Brains is the trivia game that'll finally let you put that knowledge to use. The game's up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

S--- For Brains was borne out of a love for bar trivia and a hate for boring facts. Frustrated with questions about Presidents (but not about naked Presidents), and rivers (but not about rivers catching on fire), and animals (but not about weirdly-shaped animal penises), we decided to make a game for people like us. It's a game full of hilarious, morbid, irreverent, outrageous, disgusting, ironic, awesome, pathetic, twisted, and downright weird trivia. Each SFB box comes with 600 cards (6 categories with 100 cards each), a timer, die, and a whole lot of love and bad jokes.

The gameplay is incredibly simple- a team/player rolls the die, and then is asked a question from the corresponding deck. If they answer correctly, they keep the card and roll again. If they get it wrong, it's the next person/team's turn. First team to get one card in each category is the winner! Easy, right?

The starter set comes with the following categories:

•Bodily Functions
•Crime & Death
•Drugs, Man
•Nature Calls
•Sexy Time