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Rusted Heroes Drekinn, 6-Headed Hydra now shipping

Fantization Miniatures are reporting that they are shipping copies of the Drekinn, 6-Headed Hydra figure. Drekinn, 6-Headed Hydra From their announcement:
he Rusted Heroes Team is proud to announce the highly anticipated and largest model to date for our Rusted Heroes miniature line and game, "Drekinn, Chthonic 6-headed Hydra".  This beast of nightmares roams the dark Wastelands of Shindora.  An army that can harness this great titan will surely have a force of ungodly power to unleash upon their enemies.  Drekinn is cast in resin and is packaged in a box with it's character card.  The front label also has additional rules specific to Drekinn on the back of it.  You can view the pre-cast unboxing of it on YouTube here:  We are always looking for new retailers so if you are interested in stocking the Rusted Heroes miniature line you can contact us at for our terms.  We do offer a very generous discount and are very flexible to assist retailers in getting our line into your store.  We'll include free quick start rules and a couple of 11x17 Rusted Heroes posters for your store walls. Model#  RHM5005 Name:  Drekinn, Chthonic 6-Headed Hydra MSRP:  $49.99 Scale:  For 35mm Measures: 4" inches from head-to-toe and 6" 1/2" inches long. Resin Caster:  Troll Forged Miniatures