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Rust Forge Shipping Container Sale

Rust Forge is having a sale on their shipping container terrain pieces over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

So, until mid November, we are having a "YOU NEED SHIPPING CONTAINERS" sale. The Shipping Containers are on sale for US$10.99. That's right! Why are we doing this you ask? Because we want to see a shipping yard on every table across the land!

Now you may be thinking that you don't need any shipping containers. In that you are dead wrong. So you play Mercs, well then you need them. Opposing corporate forces look great when the are killed near shipping containers. Maybe you play Infinity. Then you really need them. MDF Noodle Huts are awesome, but those noodles can't be sold without them being delivered in a shipping container. "But I play 40K and the containers aren't grim dark enough." WHAT! Really!?! Them slap some red paint on them and glue a skeleton to the side! Dark enough for you now? Thought so!

No matter what modern or sci fi or post apoc or steam punk or whatever game you play, a dozen shipping containers will look awesome on your gaming table. What now? You only play games at your FLGS? No problem, just tell them to buy them and save your money for more minis instead. Just make sure those minis are purchased at that same FLGS. We will know!

And remember, if you actually do buy a dozen or more, Will will call you personally and talk to you for at least 5 minutes about his latest obsession. If you act now, them it will be home made bread and the weirdness of doomsday prepper shows. Act fast, this obsession could change anyday now.

P.S. if you are, in fact, a doomsday prepper, then our containers are realistically scaled so that you can know that the scale model of your bunker will match the real life one you plan to build for when the (insert paranoid scenario here) happens. So buy with confidence and increase you survival expectancy by at least 3 months with an accurately scaled model!