Rust Forge now has discount multipacks

Rust Forge gives you the ability to get packs of their terrain at one discounted price over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

No we aren't having another sale! This is even better. After many hours of discussion with our accountant, we decided to our accountant. The reason for this is because we wanted to do a full time multi pack and he wasn't cooperating.

So, we now have our awesome hard plastic shipping containers available at the normal singles rate as well as a 3-pack discount deal. You will save a few bucks buying them in the multipacks. Now there is no reason to not buy 3 or more! Why would you buy less, anyway. Seriously, you buy just one container and all the other terrain picks on it because its unassuming. You buy a 3-pack, though, and they become the talk of the tabletop with all the other terrain being jealous and a little afraid of them.

So use the conviently provided link below and go get yourselves some shipping containers for your tabletop gaming pleasures. I gotta go find a shovel!

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