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Rust Forge adds to their cargo container sale

Rust Forge has added a new 5-container sale level over on their website.


From the sales update:

Ok. Update on the sale. We have added an extra item to the Webstore. From now until the sale ends, you can purchase the shipping containers in a 5 pack for US$45.99. That's a savings of about US$14.00! It's like getting a free container and a dollar! If you can't be troubled with making that shipping depot now, well, there is no excuse. Period. What is your problem!?! Your getting a free one and the equivelant of a cup of coffee (or tea for you Europeans who don't enjoy the pleasures of coffee). I don't know what else to do for you people. It's always "We want more with you lot!". We have given you more. Now jump on this once in a lifetime chance (if your a fly or gnat)! Get the shipping yard of your dreams started. Use the link below to take you straight to the container page.

I have also been advised by my attorney that calling the people who buy 12 containers could be considered harassment or something, that I should end that portion of the promo. So consider that over and have no fear of my calling you if you order a dozen containers. Instead, if you order 10, I will allow you to call me! You will get at least 5 minutes of hearing my daughter annoy us in the background as the wife yells at me that I am always on the phone and not her! We will attempt to talk about something useful, but the call will end in disappointment and misery, just like all my previous marriages.

How can you pass this up! So get over to the site and order some containers. The wife is complaining about wanting her sewing room back or something.