Rust Forge, a new plastic and resin terrain company, is ready for business

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 22nd, 2013

Rust Forge is a new terrain company making their wares out of plastic and resin. They’ve got their website up and running and are ready to take your orders.

From the grand opening:

Rust Forge is a new company producing 28mm terrain in hard plastic and resin. Our first offerings are an intermodal shipping container and Hesco style barriers.

The shipping container is hard plastic and each one can be built in one of three variants. You can have a standard single sided, a reefer container or one with doors at each end. We will be releasing additional kits in the container line that will increase variety and versatility as time goes by.

The Hesco style barriers are offered in 3 heights and are made from resin. Currently, we have them in 4″ and 6″ walls as well as singles. Modern militaries around the world use these for defensive installations that range from complete perimeter walls to bunkers and barricades.

Come check us out and keep an eye out for new releases around the end of August.

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  • Just checked the site, but the shop is giving a “404” error.

    • Soulfinger

      Worked for me. They’ve gone the exceptionally original route of producing miniature shipping containers. Is there some trend that I missed with this? Are most miniature battles being fought on shipping docks and the loading area behind Wal-Mart?

      • You’ve obviously missed our upcoming game based around the historical ‘Cola Wars’, where gangs of youths hopped up on sugary drinks battle one another behind big box retail stores.

        In all seriousness, I saw these at Adepticon and they were great quality. They also flew off the shelf at the show, so hopefully we’ll see some more plastic terrain options from them soon.

        • Soulfinger

          Be careful or I actually will write it. I’m already 1/3rd of the way done with my post-post apocalyptic RPG inspired by a previous comment thread. You can roll on a table if you need help determining how your character dresses, which includes the result, “53. You are clearly a professional, having a combined wardrobe of a hardhat, surgeon’s scrubs, and a fancy watch like lawyers used to wear. You carry your stuff in a very important looking briefcase and have hypodermic needles stuck in your face just like doctors used to.”

        • I have to agree with soulfinger on this, that sounds like something that could genuinly be fun! Should include all the post-apoc tropes like raiding twinkies factories and such.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I live just up the hill from some of the big docks on the Fraser river and the rise in container traffic over the past few years is amazing, and a bit of an eye sore.

    Not only is there now a vastly greater amount of containers on the docks themselves, but many once vacant lots in the area have now become multilevel storage areas for excess containers.

    So yep, based on what I’ve seen in the real world, one cannot have too many container models in any urban setting game.

    • Soulfinger

      Then you blast one of the containers with a rocket and all of these My Little Pony toys come spilling out. That’s what’s missing, miniature representations of merchandise spilling from ruptured containers. Some day, someone who is me is going to cast a bunch of scorched Mountain Dew cubes for terrain and make a mint without getting sued for trademark infringement.

  • rustforge

    The reason I decided to release such an original idea as a basic shipping container was because no one had been so original as to produce one in plastic since the demise of AT-43 and I was tired of of seeing people have to spend resin and MDF prices for something that could be done better and cheaper. So I did. Was it original? Not really. I never claimed that it was, but it is needed and desired. People like the shipping containers because it adds a touch of the real world to their tabletops.

    And as I stated in the article, keep an eye out for future container releases. Some may actually be original!

    • Soulfinger

      I guess I am confused. Are you the guy making the plastic shipping containers for Defiance Games? Either way, more power to you. I just recall a lot of shipping container announcements these past few months, some in paper, others wood, and then plastics like the ones from Maki Games and what-not. I mostly use vintage He-Man playsets and photos of Christopher Walken for terrain, so I was surprised by the popularity. I remember back in the day when barrels were the big thing.

  • rustforge

    Our shipping containers are the same ones that you saw with Defiance. We licensed Defiance to sell our products. You will notice the Rust Forge name and emblem on the packaging.

    And, yes, since the fall of AT-43, shipping containers have become a big deal. And they do seem to be made in every common medium for this hobby…now. Currently, I believe that I am the only one making them in plastic. By December my lonely container will have become a full terrain system that is modular and unique in the hobby. As I said before, keep an eye out near the end of August and you will get a hint of what I have planned for this. I never intended to just make a simple shipping container, that was just the beginning of something much bigger.