Runewars Uthuk Y’llan strategies

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new article looking at some tips for playing the Uthuk Y’llan faction in their newly released Runewars board game.

From their website:

With Runewars in stores and on tabletops all over the world, it’s a perfect time to discuss the wealth of strategic options available. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the fiendishly nasty tricks of the Uthuk Y’llan, in the context of an overall strategy focusing on threats, backstabbing, and psychological warfare. The Uthuk are a corrupt race of villainous abominations, so embrace your evil side and love every second of it.

in Runewars, much depends on the initial setup of the board, as well as the location of a player’s home realm. Ask yourself the following when making this important choice: Will you have access to the resources you’ll need in the early game, namely food? Are you hemmed in by a choke point, a position that is both blessing and curse? Will you be surrounded by tough neutral creatures? Can you acquire quick access to a city? Will you be forced into competing with a neighbor too soon?