Runewars Latari Elves strategy article posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new article looking at the strategies behind using the Latari Elves in Runewars. From their website:
One of the keys to maximizing your effectiveness at Runewars is knowing your faction’s strengths, and capitalizing on them early and often. Last time, we looked at the vile Uthuk Y’llan, and we saw a few ways to use their focus on Tactics Cards to their advantage. This time, we’ll look at the cunning Latari Elves, and we’ll discuss three important topics: initial placement, units, and Influence. Before you can thrive with the Latari Elves, you must survive. As we’ll see below, the Elves are a late-game powerhouse... but they struggle a bit in the early game, particularly given their relative lack of food (they are the only faction whose food dial begins at two, rather than three). This must be addressed, as soon as possible, or you’ll find your first winter to be an especially harsh one.