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Rune, a new fantasy skirmish game, is up on Indiegogo

Rune is a new skirmish-style minis game from Sword & Board Games. They're looking for funding over on Indiegogo. Check 'em out and maybe give a couple bucks their way.

From the campaign:

Sword & Board Games was founded in 2011 by a group of experienced gamers that have played numerous card, board and miniature games over the years and know what makes an enjoyable game. We are looking to fund our first miniatures game through Indiegogo.

Set on the fantasy world of Lumria, RUNE is a 28mm scale tabletop skirmish game for 2 or more players. Players take control of a warband of different fantasy creatures that fight over a variety of terrain locales. Models in your warband gain skills, improve their abilities and find awesome equipment during games and special encounters.

Unlike some fantasy games, Rune's individual factions are made up of warriors from different fantasy races. For example your warband may comprise of a Human, an Elf, a Halfling, an Orc, an Ogre and a Goblin. Each having different skills and abilities.

Our rules system is clear and easy to understand for both new and veteran gamers alike.