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Run, Fight or Die! boardgame preview and pre-orders

Lock and Load Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for the Run, Fight or Die! zombie boardgame. Their site also includes a video overview of the game. Run, Fight or Die! From their website:
Guys and gals, we are really excited by this Richard Launius (Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm) game. It’s a zombie game unlike any other, and we’ve just about played them all. Each player receives a randomly selected character, represented by a playing card placed in front of him or her. This card has three zones, representing three decreasing distances to the player. Zombies start in the furthest zone and move closer each turn. During a turn players six uniquely faced dice multiple times, hoping to match the icons on the dice in order to rescue survivors, uncover unique locations, and kill zombies with shotguns and baseball bats. Townsfolk can join your party and help as well as hinder. The cool thing is that the townsfolk that hinder also provide the most victory points if rescued. For example, the useful nurse allows its owner to heal one character wound each turn, but is only worth one victory point if rescued. Conversely, the screamer, who adds an extra zombie each time a zombie is rolled, is worth three valuable victory points. Matching certain die faces also allow the player to draw a random location. Often these are helpful, such as the Old Bridge that allows the owner to kill three zombies per bat icon rolled. Not all locations are good. You might just pull the Graveyard, which adds three extra zombies to a zone of your card.